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C2 is now just C2

2015, the YEAR of KISS!

Sorry Gene Simmons, we're referring to the Keep It Simple Stupid principle, which originally applied to aircraft and engineering solutions. C2 embraces this sentiment of simplification, implementing it in a few ways:
  1. C2 is now just C2. We launched in 2004 with the name C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions. While we still provide productivity solutions like training and staffing for graphics professionals, we don't need to spell it out and neither do you. Call us C2. And call often, we love hearing from you!
  2. C2 presents a boutique approach to training. We now serve up training the same way we offer our staffing services: exactly what you need, when you need it. Engage in our entire course catalog via custom hands-on classes, one-on-one training, and seminars with the same quality instruction you've come to expect. Or register for our most popular hands-on classes through the public training calendar.
  3. C2 reveals new digs late this fall. An expiring lease provides us the opportunity to refresh our space and possibly our location. More news as this develops.
Throughout the remainder of 2015 we plan to KISS every aspect of C2, ultimately striving to provide the best client experience and value possible. We welcome feedback and insight, so please feel free to reach out!

Some of Our Upcoming Classes

Web Design for Print Designers Seminar (3 hours) on Thu, May 28 in Milwaukee

C2’s Partnership Series: Deconstructing / Reconstructing UX (150 minutes) on Fri, May 29 in Milwaukee

Adobe Illustrator Foundations (7 hours) on Tue, Jun 2 in Milwaukee

Adobe Premiere Pro Foundations (14 hours) on Wed, Jun 3 in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Portfolio School (24 hours) on Mon, Jun 8 in Milwaukee

Adobe InDesign Foundations (7 hours) on Thu, Jun 11 in Milwaukee

Adobe Illustrator Advanced (7 hours) on Fri, Jun 12 in Milwaukee

Adobe InDesign Intermediate (7 hours) on Thu, Jun 18 in Milwaukee

See Complete Schedule

Your Shortcut To Success

Whether you're a freelance, in-house or agency creative or professional, you deal with hot deadlines, tight budgets and challenging client expectations daily. Because you're a pro, when the going gets tough, you work later and harder just to succeed. C2 gets it! And, while we admire your work ethic, we think you might appreciate a shortcut to success every once in a while. C2 allows you to say YES! to any project, any deadline and most budgets without sacrificing sleep, employee morale or your profit margin.


C2 offers you THREE shortcuts to success, delivered when and how you need them.

Creative Talent Placement (4 hours, 4 days or forever), choose from competitively priced and thoroughly screened creative professionals, from copywriters to web developers and all talents in between, satisfaction guaranteed.

C2 YesCreative Software Training focused on industry best-practices for print and web design and production. From Adobe Acrobat to XHTML, our seminars, hands-on or one-on-one training options will expand capabilities, enhance workflow efficiency, boost productivity and are a great investment in creative professional development.

Offsite Unmanageable Project Support (as in, "OUPS!  We may need some help!") allows you to take advantage of all C2's skill sets:

  • experienced professionals (aka C2 instructors), 
  • a 12-station production facility (aka C2 classrooms) and
  • a large supply of qualified creative professionals (aka C2 Talent)

to turn the most daunting projects to doable!  So go ahead, say YES WITH NO STRESS!  C2 can economically augment your team and facility - let us help you out!

Nimble, versatile, ready to say yes to any project...

that's YOU and that's C2, your shortcut to success!


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